Experiment: Put the carbon metal sheet (black) & magnesium metal sheet (white) into Sodium Chloride solution.

Observation: Bubbles emerge from the salty solution, and electricity is created to run the fan.

Explanation: The experiment is based on the electrolysis reaction of the salt solution. Under the effect of the electric field of the salt solution, the positive and negative ions in the solution migrate to the negative and positive electrodes, and the redox reaction occurs on the electrode, indirectly arranging the electrons in salty solution. Saline sodium chloride is the electrolyte. In the electrolyte, Carbon (black plate) reacts as an positive electrode, Magnesium (white plate) loses electrons and acts as a negative electrode. The atoms in the electrolyte accept electrons and react on the carbon, so air bubbles are created. Together, this forms a closed loop, forming the main battery.

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